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Jason and Pili Yarusi

Yarusi Holdings

Jason & Pili Yarusi are active real estate investors and syndicators. The couple founded Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily investment firm with over 1100 units acquired since 2016. The firm repositions properties through operation efficiencies, moderate to extensive renovations, and complete rebranding.

They also host The Multifamily Live Podcast, a podcast that provides actionable content and tools to build and strengthen your multifamily business. Together they mentor new and experienced investors on starting and scaling their multifamily investment businesses through 7 Figure Multifamily.

Chad King

Principal/Owner at Titan Capital Group

After graduating Florida State University with a degree in Finance, Chad got into sales with Xerox, selling copiers door to door. While becoming the top producer at the company, Chad was simultaneously studying successful individuals in other spaces that had tremendous wealth & prosperity. He noticed a common theme amongst many of them… Real Estate. With nothing but an amazing woman by his side, Chad jumped into Real Estate full time. Starting in the wholesale/fix and flip niche, to date, Chad has completed over 400 wholesale/Fix and Flip deals.

He is now the owner of several companies, an accomplished investor, and a business coach; teaching sales, investing, property acquisitions, and income stream building. Chad’s passion is building generational wealth through investing in multifamily apartments; he currently owns 494 doors. When he’s not working you can catch Chad on the golf course or hanging out with his awesome wife and daughter.

Bill Allen

Black Jack Real Estate

Bill Allen is the CEO and Owner of 7 Figure Flipping a real estate organization based out of Nashville, TN. He and his team currently flip and wholesale 200+ deals per year in Tennessee and northern Florida, while leading the top house flipping and wholesaling mentoring groups in the nation.

Bill began his career as a Naval Officer with 18 years of military experience and discovered through the avenue of real estate, that his calling is leading others by helping them find their own success through networking and accountability. This year, 2021, Bill released the book 7 Figure Flipping Underground.


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The 7 Figure Flipping Podcast with Bill Allen

Bill is also the host of the 7 Figure Flipping Podcast, your "inside look" at what's working in the house flipping and wholesaling world right now.

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